With winter approaching and with local authorities needing to focus on keeping public services and main transport routes running, many quieter residential roads don’t get gritted by Telford and Wrekin Council (TWC).

Neighbourhood Snow Wardens are unpaid volunteers who help clear side roads and pavements of snow in their local area, This helps you, your neighbours and those more vulnerable residents who can’t help themselves.

Since the TWC scheme began in the winter of 2012, 150 volunteers have come forward to help their local communities. However, The Gorge has only about 10 (see list below), and given the number of steep and narrow side roads we have, it would help if more people volunteered.

Given the high level of community spirit in The Gorge the lack of wardens maybe due to a lack of awareness of the scheme. Hence this attempt to recruit wardens for those streets not already covered. You can be a warden for a street nearby – e.g. if you live on a gritted road but very close by is a non gritted road.


Guidance, equipment and Insurance

Wardens are given guidance on how to clear snow and ice safely and the amount of rock salt to spread to be effective. Wardens will be kept informed of weather and gritting action to take via email and text message. They will also be provided with a supply of rock salt, a shovel, a high visibility (hi-vis) vest, gloves and a booklet containing advice and contact numbers to ring at any time. Community groups will be supplied with enough equipment to be shared by members. Snow wardens will be covered as a volunteer under TWC’s insurance as long as the guidelines outlined in the information guidance are followed. Wardens will be asked to sign a fit to participate form, where they agree that they are fit and able to perform the duties of a snow warden.

Roads in The Gorge gritted by TWC

B4373- Ironbridge Road, Waterloo St, Madeley Rd; Coalport High St, Coalport Rd, The Lloyds, Legges Way; Coalford, Lloyds Head, Calcutts Rd; High St Ironbridge to Dale End Rd, Museum of The Gorge car park bus route, Buidwas Rd; Dale Rd, Wellington Rd, Jiggers Bank, Darby Rd, Sunniside; and the bus route through Lightmoor.

Streets in The Gorge currently with snow wardens (according to TWC records) Lincoln Hill, Woodlands Rd, Buildwas Rd near Valley Hotel, Ladywood, Woodside (x2), School Rd Coalbrookdale, Cherry Tree Hill, Paradise, The Close Coalbrookdale.

More information is available on the TWC website: http://www.telford.gov.uk/winter, calling 01952 380455 or by emailing pride.officer@telford.gov.uk.

For an informal chat, please contact the clerk or Cllr Heather Oldershaw – the snow liaison officers for The Gorge. Their contact details are here.

If you do volunteer as a snow warden please inform The Gorge Parish Council so we can build a picture of where we have cover and where not.

Apply Now

Complete this Application Form and send it to pride.officer@telford.gov.uk