Increase to The Gorge Parish Council precept

For the first time in 7 years the parish council has increased our precept (council tax paid by residents to the parish council). This increase is to fund enhanced environmental works in The Gorge.

Late last year we canvassed residents via the Gorge Gazette and the Facebook group with the following statement and question:-

“Environmental Works In The Gorge

The Gorge is an amazing and very special place but there are some areas that need some much needed TLC. Telford and Wrekin Borough Council has responsibility for much of the public realm including street cleansing and maintaining land they own but there are lots of other landowners and of course some areas with unknown ownership. The Gorge parish council has a small budget for environmental works and we use this to employ contractors to carry out litter picking, weed spraying and cutting back overhanging vegetation along paths and minor roads, in addition to the work carried out by the Borough Council.

An alternative to our current scheme is to join the Borough Council’s Parish Environmental Team programme. This is a partnership between parish councils and the Borough Council to fund a full time operative, apprentice, van, tools and materials. This would allow for much more work than is currently carried out as well as quicker response times for urgent work such as dealing with a fly tip. The cost, if we choose to join the Parish Environmental Team would be £25,000, an amount roughly the equivalent of £19 per annum for a Band D property.

Before The Parish Council makes a decision on this the parish council would welcome your views. Would you be prepared to pay more for more environmental maintenance? Please speak to your local councillors or contact the clerk with your views.”

In response to the, admittedly limited, feedback we received, Council decided to join the PET scheme as of April 2017 and to increase the precept accordingly.  The increase amounts to £3.31 per year for a band D property.