About Our Parish Environmental Team

The Gorge Parish Council is working with Telford and Wrekin Council on an innovative partnership, aimed at making the local area cleaner and greener. We are one of thirteen parishes across the Borough who have signed up to such a scheme. Our Parish Environmental Team will carry out enhanced environmental maintenance across our Parish above and beyond what is already done by the Borough Council’s own maintenance teams.

You can follow the series of PET Works here.

Our PET Team consists of Ralph, who’s a TWS Ltd employee, and an apprentice who’s yet to be recruited. The team has a vehicle and a range of small powered equipment including a strimmer, hedge cutters and hand tools.

The PET Team will follow a local works programme, developed and agreed by the Parish Council. The team not only maintains the area with a “pride of patch” responsibility but will also report any local issues which they come across and cannot fix themselves.

The PET Team is dedicated to The Gorge Parish area and will undertake other environmental improvements schemes to enhance the local area.

Positive aims, Positive outcomes

Our aim is to supplement the work of our local voluntary groups and the usual programme of works already ordinarily undertaken by the Borough Council to improve areas around our Parish. This will include:
  • Litter picking and evaluation
  • Fly tip monitoring and clearing
  • Grounds maintenance and enhancements
  • Shrub bed maintenance
  • Rights of way monitoring and footpath enhancements
  • Identification and reporting of potential hazards

How is this project funded?

The majority of the funding comes from the Parish Council with Telford & Wrekin Council also making a contribution of £12,500 a year. This partnership provides employment for an environmental maintenance operative and an apprentice. The partnership agreement runs for two years and is an example of how our Parish Council benefits from working in partnership.

Supporting the work of the Voluntary Groups

The PET scheme can support the work done by the various volunteer groups who help to look after and improve our local environment, including:
  • The Gorge Green Gang
  • Severn Gorge Countryside Trust
  • the Lodge Field Group
  • Ironbridge Meadows & Pastures
  • Church Yard Volunteers
  • Community Centre Gardens

Community Involvement

If you know of an area that needs looking at by our PET Team, please let us know by emailing the location and details, with photos if possible, to clerk@thegorgeparishcouncil.gov.uk. Suggestions will be discussed by our Environmental Committee, works will then be identified, prioritised and allocated to the PET Team (or reported to Borough Council or responsible body if we can’t help) and published here on our website every month.