The Parish Council has for some time asked for clear and frequent communication and some community engagement regarding plans for the Cooling Towers and former Ironbridge Power Station.

The Parish Council has been kept updated by Borough Councillor, Nic Lowery who has today shared the following update:

“Uniper have appointed Macbeth Lankester to act as a community liaison as the Ironbridge Power Station approaches the demolition phase. I recently made contact with Shropshire Council in an effort to begin a dialogue with Macbeth Lankester as I appreciate the interest in this site and was keen to ensure we make progress on community engagement and improve communications.

This news comes weeks after Shropshire Council confirmed that Uniper does not require prior approval to demolish Conveyors 6 and 7 and the accompanying Conveyor Tower of the former Ironbridge Power Station. However, The prior approval application for main demolition works will require Shropshire Council’s prior approval for all aspects of heritage and environmental mitigation.

I have now spoken with Macbeth Lankester and I am currently working with them on a stakeholder database to begin wider communications and have requested a commitment to delivering a public drop in session. At the stakeholder meeting held earlier this at Shropshire Council, I along with the Gorge Parish Council emphasized the importance of holding a public drop in session to ensure our local communities are aware of the key information relating to the demolition and are given the opportunity to contribute to this process

The stakeholder database will aim to include any residents that have expressed an interest in the former Ironbridge Power Station to ensure people are kept updated. They have also proposed to create an email address specifically to answer any questions the public or stakeholders may have about the site to improve communications.”

There is more information in the Shropshire Star article here.