Councillors & Clerk

Kath Petty

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Ms. Petty is the Clerk to The Gorge Parish Council.

  • The Gorge Parish Council
    Unit C22, Maws Craft Centre
    Jackfield. Telford. TF8 7LS
  • 01952 883192

Tony Hobson

Coalport & Jackfield
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Cllr Hobson is the Parish Representative for the Woodside Allotments and Coalport Village Hall Management Committee, is on our Personnel and Rights of Way Liaison Committees and is a Contingency Plan Councillor.

Maureen Bragg

Coalbrookdale & Ironbridge
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Vice Chair, Cllr Bragg is on our Parish Environmental Team and Contingency Plan (Finance) Committees, Chairs the Personnel Committee and represents the Parish Council on the Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge Community Centre Committee and the Severn Gorge Countryside Trust.

Carolyn Healy

Coalbrookdale & Ironbridge
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Cllr Healy leads the Christmas Lights Group and is on our Parish Environmental Team Committee and Traffic in The Gorge Group. Cllr Healy is also on the TWC Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee.

Heather Oldershaw

Coalbrookdale & Ironbridge
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Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr Oldershaw sits on the World Heritage Site Steering Group Committee, Chairs our Grievance Committee and is on our Parish Environmental Team and Contingency Plan Committees. Cllr Oldershaw is also on the Walking Festival Committee, the Traffic in The Gorge meetings, and is on our Rights of Way Liaison Committee.

Martin Barrett


Cllr Barrett represents the Parish Council on the Lightmoor Village Estates Management Committee and sits on the Parish Environmental Team Committee.

  • Lightmoor Village, Telford
  • Register of Interests

Paul Rhoden

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Cllr Rhoden represents the Parish on the Lightmoor Village Community Group and sits on our Personnel Committee.