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Council Documentation

by The Gorge Parish Council

The Parish Charter The Parish Census¬†– 2001 The Local Council Award Scheme The Local Council Award Scheme Guide Requirements for Award Scheme TGPC Local Council Awards Application Advice on Drafting the Notice Summons, Agenda and Minutes The¬†Good Councillor Guide – 2016 Publicity Connected Councillors – A Guide for Social Media DCLG Code of Recommended Practice […]

Policy Documents

by The Gorge Parish Council

Policy List – March 2015 Publication Scheme Policy Review Scheme Allotments Committee TOR Annual Leave Policy Capability Policy Community Engagement Strategy Complaints Procedure Contingency Plan Co-option of a New Councillor Policy Data Protection Act Guidelines Dignity at Work Policy Disciplinary, Grievance and Appeals Procedure 2016 The Gorge Parish Council Capability Procedure 2016 Equality & Diversity […]


by The Gorge Parish Council

External Audit Report 2016/17 Financial Regulations Register of Assets Financial Risk Assessment Budget 2016-2017 Actual Spend 2015-2016 Audit Notice 2016 Annual Return 2015